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All collected donations will go to the CARE COVID-19 Emergency Fund.

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CytoSorbents presented a $100,000 check to CARE during the Opening Bell ceremony at NASDAQ on July 30th 2021 in New York City Times Square

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Dr. Phillip Chan, Chief Executive Officer of CytoSorbents

“On behalf of the Company, I would like to thank all of our friends, business partners, colleagues, employees, and shareholders for your generous donations, enabling us to match your support and fullfill our pledge to raise $100,000 to support CARE’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund. With the rise in new COVID-19 cases caused by new highly contagious coronavirus variants, these funds will no doubt be put to good use. We are proud to support CARE and the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in communities here in the U.S., in Europe, and worldwide.”

Read the full press release here!


Millions of people have no soap, no masks, no disinfectant.

The pandemic has affected us all, but especially the poorest people in the world. People who do not even have access to fresh water and soap. They don’t have the chance to follow the most basic hygiene rules to protect themselves from COVID-19.

The international aid organization CARE has launched one of the largest emergency relief operations in its 75-year history to stop the spread of the pandemic.

Together we can help

Thanks to your donation, CARE will directly help affected people around the world to deal with the dangers of COVID-19 and to protect themselves. As an international aid organization, CARE has already launched corona emergency relief programs in 69 countries. Thanks to your support, we can achieve much more. The funds raised will go towards:


Hygiene packages

Detergent, soap, masks, disinfectant and canisters for a family


Isolation wards

Construction and equipment of special wards for infected people


Awareness training

Information campaigns, vaccine education on hygiene rules and measures to protect people from corona.


Washing places

With enough soap. For use in emergency shelters & refugee camps.

We must act now

Please support CARE’s corona emergency relief work! Every donation helps contain the spread of COVID-19 and provides a safer, better future for the women, children and families in their communities. See how CARE is helping here.

Any questions?

Here we would like to answer frequently asked questions about the fundraising campaign. You can find more background information and details about the work of CARE and about CytoSorbents and CytoSorb therapy through these links

Should you experience any issues with your donation please email us or call 1-800-422-7385.

The fundraising campaign is international and people from all over the world can participate. For tax reasons, donors from the USA and Germany have their own donation button and donation channel (“International” and “German”). Donors from all other countries can use the other donation button “International”. Donors from the USA and Germany will automatically receive a donation receipt recognized by the tax office from CARE in early 2021. Donors from other countries receive a donation receipt, which is not necessarily recognized by every tax office.

Donors from the USA will automatically receive a donation receipt recognized by the tax office from CARE in early 2021. Please find more about this here: https://care.org/about-us/faqs/

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CARE is a globally active organization that has been fighting against hardship, poverty and injustice around the globe for 75 years.

In response to COVID-19, CARE is doing humanitarian work, especially in crisis areas, and meeting the urgent needs of more than 100 million people. These include: equipping households and healthcare facilities with hygiene items such as soap and disinfectants. Disseminating accurate prevention information to educate people. Installation of hand washing stations in schools, markets and other public places. Provision of clean water through emergency water transport and distribution of storage containers for safe water. Addressing food shortages and other economic effects of pandemic lockdowns.

The collected donations go directly and 100% to CARE and are used there for CARE’s worldwide COVID-19 emergency response. In particular, these are health and hygiene programs to prevent and contain COVID-19 in order to alleviate the effects of the pandemic. And that directly on site: The CARE state employees – most of whom come from the communities in which they live and work – have the close relationships and trust that are necessary to get people to act. Many CARE country teams have experienced employees who are familiar with dealing with epidemics such as cholera, Ebola and Zika.

Formal and expert recommendations for CytoSorb Therapy are in place in many countries. The FDA in USA granted CytoSorb Therapy Emergency Use Authorization for use in critically-ill COVID-19 patients with imminent or confirmed respiratory failure.

CytoSorb Therapy reduces inflammatory mediators in the blood and targets the underlying pathophysiology in critically-ill COVID-19 patients. Hyperinflammation (often referred to as cytokine storm) may be a key component in many critically-ill COVID-19 patients and controlling the inflammatory response may be as important as targeting the virus.

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